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Who are we?

Endless Potential


Our Mission

To set the bar high as an industry leader, in creating unique, eco-friendly Enzyme-based formulations for Industrial Applications. We ae committed to provide high quality products with international standards to our esteemed customers, prioritising environmental concerns while carrying out our business and manufacturing activities.


To be the leading biotechnology company in the world in the field of eco-friendly Enzyme-based formulations for industrial applications.


Our company comes with a technical expertise of over 30 years in the field of industrial enzymes, and our leadership and extensive expertise in the domain of biotechnology has enables us to grow with continued success. This can be attributed to our policy of providing innovative, effective and high-quality products and environmentally friendly solutions to meet specific customer needs, with continuous research and development.

Our forte lies in customisation wherein we develop unique Enzymatic solutions which are tailor-made and specific to the client’s requirements based on their processes and operational parameters.

Our laboratories are cutting-edge in this field and backed by:



  • Best-in-class R&D laboratories and state-of-the-art manufacturing facility
  • Deep understanding of customer needs and requirements
  • We are specialised in providing customised enzymatic solutions
  • Commitment to innovation, service and performance
  • Ability to adapt and customise products for best outcomes.
  • Highly qualified and motivated personnel
  • High-end control protocols
  • In-process quality assurance procedures
  • Strong marketing and distribution network
  • Synergistic relationship with suppliers and dealers.


Enzymes are biological proteins made by all living organisms. They are found everywhere in nature, The catalyse biochemical reactions in cells. In today’s world, they are considered a preferred alternative to use of chemicals. Amongst other benefits, enzymes minimise energy consumption.



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