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What we offer

Oil Spillage | Liquid Multi Enzymes Blend

Enzymes have historically been utilised in the crude oil industry to improve the properties of a variety of biopolymers used in the industry as well as breakers for biopolymer gels.

Land remediation | Multi Enzymes Blend

 ECOENZYME – SOIL REM  is a specifically designed and formulated blend containing enzymes and microbes for the remediation of soil. Enzyme-mediated remediation of soil renders the contaminants harmless or less toxic.

Algae | Multi Enzymes Blend

When phytoplankton, a type of tiny algae, overgrows in the water, it produces sea mucus, sometimes known as “sea snot.”

Waste Water Treatment | Enzyme Blend

Wastewater treatment has gained immense significance in today’s context where protecting the environment is a prime concern. 


Sea Water Remediation Enzymes are a natural product that help to clean up oil spills and other pollution in the ocean. They work by breaking down the hydrocarbons in oil and other pollutants into smaller, less harmful molecules.

There are many benefits to using Sea Water Remediation Enzymes. They can help improve water quality by breaking down pollutants and removing them from the water. Additionally, they can help to improve the health of marine life by reducing the levels of toxins in the water.

Marine enzymes are enzymes that are suitable for marine environment. These enzymes a;so have a wide range of applications, including in the food, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical industries. Marine enzymes are often used as additives or ingredients in food and cosmetics products.

Yes, enzymes have optimal properties for use in bioremediation. They can break down organic matter and pollutants, making them ideal for treating contaminated water.

Sea Water Remediation Enzymes produced by our team works to remediate seawater contamination from crude oil spills by breaking down the oil into small molecules that are then more easily absorbed by the water. This process can help to significantly reduce the environmental impact of oil spills.

Crude oil remediation is the process of removing crude oil from a contaminated area. This can be done through various methods, including the use of customised product containing selected microbes and enzymes produced by our team.

Crude oil spill remediation enzymes manufactured by our team work by breaking down the hydrocarbons in oil, which helps to degrade the oil and make it less harmful. This process also helps to reduce the environmental impact of oil spills.

One of the most effective ways to clean up oil spills is to use microbes and enzymes. These natural cleaners can break down oil and other pollutants, making them easier to remove.

Our crude oil spill enzymes are a type of bioremediation that uses enzymes to break down oil into smaller, less harmful molecules. This process is safe and effective, and it can help to reduce the environmental impact of Oil Spills.

Our Crude Oil Spill Enzymes are special formulation of selected microbes and enzymes to break down hydrocarbons and other pollutants in oil spills, making them an effective and eco-friendly solution for clean-up efforts.

There are several benefits of Soil stabilisation enzymes, including improved soil structure, increased water retention, and increased nutrient uptake. Additionally, enzymes can help to break down organic matter and release essential nutrients, making them ideal for use in sustainable agriculture and horticulture.

The physical and chemical properties of enzymes that make them useful for soil stabilisation include their ability to break down organic matter to promote nutrient uptake by plants, and to improve soil structure. Enzymes are also known to increase the activity of beneficial bacteria in the soil, which can help to improve plant growth.

There are several reasons why enzymes are a more environmentally friendly option for soil stabilisation than chemicals. Enzymes are naturally occurring substances and they are also more biodegradable than chemicals, so they break down and return to the earth more quickly.

Using enzymes for soil stabilisation is considered to be a safe and effective method with little to no risks associated. This method has been successfully used for many years to improve the soil with few to no reports of adverse effects.

You can learn more about our enzymes for soil stabilisation by contacting us, we would be happy to arrange a meeting with our scientific team, who are qualified to answer questions about any aspect of our products.