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“BioGlobe: Illuminating the Path to Environmental Conservation”

BioGlobe - Supporting the preservation of our Planet

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International Team

Our team is a collection of dedicated professionals, from scientists, to creative directors, with a unified goal.

Supporting Research

Our findings will be made available to respected universities and scientists around the world for further research and collaborative solutions.

Protecting our Children

We are very passionate to learn more about our planet in order to facilitate the steps to protect it for future generations.


Support the Blue Planet Expedition

We at BioGlobe are charged with the responsibility of raising the funding for this groundbreaking expedition. We need your help to make this happen, in order for the scientists to conduct important research in to our coastal waters and underwater marine life, to establish the effect of climate change and pollution.



Marine Life


polluted ocean

What do disposable drink cups, Ziploc bags and shampoo bottles all have in common?

They’re made from plastic. Plastic plays a large role in our everyday lives, with many common products being made from the material. 

Oceans Under Pressure

For centuries, humans have relied on coastal and marine environments to survive, develop and prosper. However, our current levels of exploitation have reached unprecedented levels.  

Whilst we all recognise the importance and value of the ‘blue economy’ from an environmental, social and economic perspective, the increasing amount of anthropogenic activity is applying an unsustainable amount of pressure to our ocean.  

Many of these activities are contributing to the destruction of marine ecosystems and the reduction of biodiversity.  They will also, inevitably have an impact on human health, well being and survival.


“The sea, the great unifier, is man’s only hope. Now, as never before, the old phrase has a literal meaning: we are all in the same boat.”

Jacques Yves Cousteau